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Heater Repair - Kerrville, TX and surrounding areas Kerr County A/C & Heating Services provides heating system repairs on all makes and models, as well as preventative maintenance to ensure your heating equipment is operating safely and efficiently. Did you know? Homes heated by a gas furnace essentially have a controlled fire burning in the attic?  In order to maintain "flame control", equipment must be inspected to ensure all safety mechanisms are operating properly. It’s important to have your heating system checked after sitting idle all summer.  With our 15-point Heating system tune-up we will: 1. Check refrigerant operating pressures 2. Clean burner compartment as needed 3. Check heat exchanger 4. Check for gas leaks at furnace 5. Check pilot or igniter operation 6. Check burner ignition 7. Oil inducer motor and blower motor as needed 8. Check blower wheel 9. Clean exterior of cabinet 10. Check safety controls 11. Check flue pipe for proper venting 12. Check attic equipment and duct system for obvious air leaks where accessible 13. Check system for proper cycling 14. Check air filter 15. Check thermostat operation Call our office to schedule your service appointment today!  
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