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Air Conditioner Repair - Kerrville, TX and surrounding areas At Kerr County A/C & Heating Services, we understand that when your air conditioning equipment is down – you need it back up and running fast!  Our staff works hard to ensure we get our customers located in Kerr County and the surrounding areas on the schedule ASAP, as we understand with our hot and humid Texas summers you cannot afford to be without A/C. The harsh summer heat can take a toll on older air conditioning equipment leading to malfunctioning parts or even imminent failure.  Cooling equipment that has worked for extended periods of time without routine maintenance or cleaning's will experience these issues more often.  Some systems may just need a quick tune-up or refrigerant adjustment, while others may need a thorough cleaning or part replacement.  Over a period of time the equipment can become so inefficient that replacement could be the best option.  Newer air conditioning equipment can be considerably more efficient in removing heat and humidity from your home resulting in lower energy bills and comfort you can feel. Our service technicians will perform a thorough inspection and diagnosis of your air conditioning equipment, collect your feedback to understand your comfort goals and provide you with options to best meet those goals. Call our office to schedule your service appointment today!  
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